Hi, I'm Staci


Bravely following my heart

Constantly learning

Awkwardly navigating my way

Eagerly sharing my experience

Mostly loving life in my 50's

I have been educating, empowering and enlightening others as a qualified Inner Life Skills Master Life Coach and Enneagram Coach and Trainer since 2015.

Since relocating to Greece as a result of the pandemic, I have been helping women bring all of who they are to what they do so that they can engage with confidence and make a meaningful contribution through everything that they do.

Most recently, I am coaching and mentoring women at a transition point in their midlife years to realize their dreams.  Whether that is to build a thriving online business, expand in their career or create a loving relationship, write a book or create a course. 

It's my experience that midlife is the greatest opportunity we have to be authentic to our nature, honour the skills we've developed, and meld our interests and experience so that they can have the positive impact in our society we yearn to make. 

I am a mom to two adult daughters and still married after 25+ years. I know that neither role is easy, it takes conscious intention to make it work and I know that it is very easy to lose yourself in the identity of mom and wife.

I have been a homeschooling mom and a stay-at-home-mom. I've worked in a corporate and I've been self-employed as both a running coach and a life coach, a body worker and a kahuna massage therapist.  I've learnt that the body has a wisdom that is worth paying attention to and is never a punishment.

I've taken up running in my forties, completing both iconic South African ultra marathons, and a few international events. I've studied South African Sign Language, Breathework, Kinesiology, Activations and many others all just because.  I love learning, making connections and then sharing what I've discovered.

I love the busyness of the beach and the silence of the African bush. I love creamy ice cream, local red wine and Seattle coffee. I travel by plane, train, boat and bicycle. I light candles in the Greek Church and I knit socks. And absolutely jump in the puddles!

I bring all my experience, skills and interests together to offer a unique take on using the midlife years to live an awakened life, embracing the body, mind and heart.

Want to connect?

I'd love to hear from you! Let me know about your midlife experience - what you're loving and what you're struggling with.